Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year New You - Changing Your Hair for 2015

Hello and Happy New Year! I am so glad to be writing to you from Charlotte, NC - back home where I belong. It has been a fantastic month since I returned to Re Salon on December 2nd, filled with fun reunions and re-connections. It has been so heartwarming to visit with co-workers and clients, and I am so grateful to everyone who has come to see me since my return. I just wanted to share a few of my favorite color transformations from the last few weeks. Many clients, returning and new, have come in for balayage, and I am enjoying this technique more than ever - utilizing some fun new tips and tricks I've learned. Check out some of my transformations below, and please email me at, or call the salon at 704-334-8087 to schedule your free consultation today.

blonde balayage ombre on short blonde hair
Subtle blonde balayage on virgin hair. This will be a fun color change that is easy to maintain. It looks great straight and curly and is lighter around the face.
balayage blonde lob bob
One of my favorite blonde bombshells. Partial balayage with no toner. Just process, rinse, dry, and fabulous!

blonde balayage ombre on long hair
This client hadn't had color in years or a haircut in quite a while. She wanted a fun change, but something that didn't require too much commitment. We did full balayage, lighter through the bangs and around the face, for a sombre look that will be less maintenance for her.  Arthur gave her an amazing cut and blowout!

golden blonde highlights on long hair
This client had some pretty blonde highlights, but the partial highlight she had been getting didn't quite cover her head shape and haircut - you can see the dark patch in the back. Going a little farther back with her highlights blended the dark patch for a more natural looking blonde.

blending gray hair with ashy blonde highlights
This client had no existing color in her gray hair. She wanted a change, but nothing too drastic. We did cool blonde highlights to break up her "salt and pepper" and giver her a brighter, softer look. 

strawberry blonde balayage on shoulder length red hair
This client is trying to work her way from a burgundy red to a more natural blonde that will blend well when her natural dark blonde grows in. You can see that the red had faded to a coppery color, so we heavily balayaged for a naturally highlighted look.

wheat blonde highlights on long dark hair
This is a little kitchen hair on a friend. She had only been getting partials while I was away for the last year, so we more thoroughly lightened her throughout with foil highlights. Next time I will balayage more through the ends to achieve a more natural blonde.