Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Balayaged Golden Blonde and More For Summer

As you find yourself venturing out in the coming summer months, in search of sun-kissed skin and late sunsets, may I suggest that you add a little of that summer time heat to your hair color palette. Winter and Spring are the seasons for icy blondes and crisp, cool brunettes, but as your skin bronzes and skirts shorten, consider youthful warm tones to be your best accessory. Below I've attached three photos from a shoot that I did the color for a few years back. I'll explain a little detail for each and try to remember their formulas. =)

Balyaged Golden Blonde - This model came to me in the midst of a color correction. She had about half an inch of level 7 regrowth, and the rest of her hair had been cleansed to a mellow orange. I wanted to leave some of the depth of her natural, but lighten up the mid-shaft and ends to a brighter, clean golden blonde. I balayaged almost every piece of her hair with a soft "V" shaped pattern near the scalp and fully saturated the mid-shaft and ends. I believe I toned her with an 8.23 or something in that range. The result was a shiny golden blonde that does not look over processed and still has some soft dimension.

balayage golden blonde hair
Balayaged Golden Blonde

Copper-Kissed Red - I love a rich, beautiful red, especially with a little copper dimension. I would rarely recommend adding blonde highlights to red hair, unless you're working with a strawberry blonde. When you're working with any shade that has a predominately RED tone, stick to coppers or copper golds to do your highlighting. For this model I believe I used a level 6 intense red-copper for her base, and added interior highlights with a level 7 intense copper-red. The dimension helps to show off the layers in her hair cut, while pumping up the shine factor with the extra warmth from the copper. If your skin gets tan during the summer I would recommend shying away from any Red-Violet dominated tones. Stick with COPPER. 

red hair with copper highlights
Copper-Kissed Red

Trusty Ombre - If you have naturally dark hair and want to lighten up for summer, golden ombre is the go-to style for you. It's easy to maintain, and even easier to tone down for winter and fall. On this model I balayaged her mid-shafts and ends and toned her with an 8.30 for that extra gold intensity. Now this was a bit of an extreme ombre look. For most I would actually recommend to bring up some of the highlighted pieces around the face to eye level. And obviously the scarf tied around her neck hides some of the blending, but this had a fairly natural blend from dark to light. 

balayaged golden blonde ombre
Balayaged Golden Ombre

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