Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ombré Before and After Pictures in Charlotte, NC

Just a quick note on ombré: this is not a "trend" that's going away. Yes, the whole dip-dyed, mega-drastic look is probably not the hippest thing at the moment, but the softer "sombré" look is still an every present fashion statement. Here's why: it looks good on pretty much everyone. As long as the tonality is right for your skin color, some sun-kissed highlights painted through the ends and around the face make everyone look younger. That's what happens to our hair when we're kids and we spend time playing in the sun.

Another reason that as a colorist I love an ombré look is because it grows out well and it's awesome for clients that you only see every 6 months. Even though I would love to see my clients every 6-8 weeks, if for no other reason to do a conditioning treatment or a gloss, it's nice to know that if you do a nice ombré or soft balayage that their color will still look good in six months. Below are a couple of examples of some clients that I transitioned into an ombré look. Some of these pictures you've seen before, but I wanted to use them for illustration.

Ombre hair color done by Autumn Lee located in Denver CO.
So this client is the perfect example for what I was talking about in terms of maintenance. This was the first time I did her hair and as you can see, she had about 4 months of regrowth. Naturally she was a level 4, and while she wanted to be more blonde, coming in every 4 weeks for a touch up was not possible. So we compromised on an ombré look. I used a level 5n on her regrowth to give a very soft warming effect, and painted a 5gold through the midshaft. I painted some brighter pieces through the ends, but her hair was already a bit compromised, so we could not lift it much. The result was a medium level of variation from root to end. She still has some of that blonde that she really wanted, but the regrowth will be much softer and prettier as it grows out. You can't really see it in the picture from this angle, but I also did a few highlights close to the root around the face. This helps to avoid that "too grown-out" look. 

Ombre hair color done naturally with highlights.
Here is another first time client. She had box color on her hair and wanted an ombré look, but did not want the upkeep of having a lighter base color. We simply add lowlights of her natural level and balayaged highlights through the midshafts and ends. Now she has soft, natural looking hightlights that will grow out very easily. 

Ombre blonde hair done for easy to maintain hair color and styles.
 Here is Celeste whom I've shown many times before. She loves to be blonde but her natural color is ashy and she has quite a few grays coming through around her face. She was getting highlights every 4-6 weeks to keep up with the contrast in her regrowth. We transitioned her to an ombré with a warm level 7 base. She still has to get her base color touched up every 6 weeks or so, but it is much faster than sitting through a partial or full foil and more economical.  

Ombre hair blonde color done to lighen hair style.
Here is one more example. The before picture is actually an in-between shot from a color correction. She was originally a level 4 permanent color all over, but naturally about a level 7. Working her into an ombré, while time consuming because of the color correction, actually worked out easily because her ends easily lifted up lighter. To maintain her color we do a very simple partial with a high-lift blonde and lowlights through the midshaft that are a little cooler to blend with her natural and a few balayaged highlights through the mids and ends. 

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