Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Precision Blonde Highlights - Charlotte, NC

This is what I call "kitchen hair." Whenever I visit my mom in Florida she's usually in dire need of a color refresher. She is pretty rough on her hair (heat-styling, teasing, TONS of product), so in addition to needing color, it also looks very dull. Here is what I do to get her all fixed up.

My mom is naturally a level 6 with about 30% grey, mostly around her face. I had not colored her hair since early January so she had quite a bit of re-growth. In the "before" picture below I had already touched up her base color so you won't see the gray that I'm talking about. For her base color I use Majirel permanent color in 8.01, but I actually use 9 volume. My mom's hair is fine and the 9 volume, in combination with the heat from her scalp, gives me enough lift and deposit to achieve a neutral level 7 and cover her gray.

Normally in the salon I would have done her base color and highlights at the same time, because most people don't have the time to do one and then the other; with her I did her base color about two days before. I did a full foil on her using 8 sections. The smaller your sections the easier it is to control your foil and keep it close to the scalp. Some times I'll do as many as 11 sections if someone has thicker hair or more hair surface on the scalp. (If you were trained in Aveda you know the 11 section foil =) ). I also staged my lightener. In the salon I probably would have used 10, 20, and 30 volume. But I only had 10 and 20 at the house so I mixed them to do a "15" in the middle and just let it process a bit longer. I know I said my mom's hair was fine textured, but it takes a surprisingly long time to lift.

After processing and rinsing the highlights we did a gloss with DIA Light 10.32 for about five minutes to balance the porosity, give shine, and give us that nice golden-wheat blonde. Even though I do not usually cut hair, I shaped up her haircut a bit because she had been cutting it herself. =)

Blond Hair Before Foiling Highlights
Back view of blonde hair before highlights. Look at that regrowth!
Blonde Hair Before Highlights
Side view of blonde hair before highlighting. 
Precision Blonde Foils Highlights
Blonde highlights in neat foils. Keep your work neat and it shows. =)
Natural Blonde Highlights Lowlights Demension
After - natural blonde highlights with dimension.
Golden Blonde Highlights Natural Demension
After - natural and shiny blonde highlights. 


  1. Autumn is an amazing! I have never been disappointed in any color she's done for me, on the contrary, I've loved every single color she's done on my hair. My hair is always shiny and healthy looking when she's done. I'm so sad she has relocated away from me, but that is Denver's gain!

  2. I've got some great professional shots of my wedding day hair if you want them! It was beautiful and I couldn't have asked for anything better!

  3. I have been seeing Autumn for 5 years and I was heartbroken when she left for Denver! I am very picky because of my "high maintenance color issues", mostly covering gray and my natural mousey brown hair. Autumn did an amazing job for me and Denver is super fortunate to have her!!