Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Few Tips on Wedding Hair - Charlotte, NC

We've set our clocks forward, St. Patrick's Day is over, and the Spring Equinox is a mere two days away. That means that wedding season is right around the corner and brides everywhere are anxiously pinning a million hairstyles to their Pinterest boards and booking trial runs. One of the best recommendations that I can give a bride-to-be is to not step too far out of your comfort zone. Unless you are one of those people that consistently makes makes drastic changes to your hair cut and color, make up, and personal style, you run the risk of looking back at your photos and not feeling like yourself - or worse, looking in the mirror on your wedding day and feeling like a stranger is staring back at you. Whatever your normal style is, strive for the prettiest, most glamorous version of yourself. To give you an example of what I'm talking about, I have some pictures of two very good friends of mine that got married in the last two years. Both of these brides decided to wear their hair down which I absolutely loved, because that is the way they would normally wear it.

Let's start with Whitney. Whitney has beautiful, super-thick hair that naturally dries with a bit of a wave. She wanted to wear in down for the ceremony, but she still wanted it off of her face, and we needed some sort of structure to anchor in her veil. We opted for loose curls and a subtle braid adorned with tiny wax flowers. These flowers are great for updos because they hold their shape for a long time after they have been cut. The wedding was at a picturesque dairy barn, so the flowers also added a bit of a softness to her overall look and helped to tie-in the green, earthy landscape. 
Isn't she beautiful!

Their kids are going to have great hair =)

Here you can see a little bit of the fine detailing. The center braid that held most of the hair was a fish-tail, and then there where two tiny braids on either side that we used to anchor the wax flowers.

This was my favorite detail. Whitney loves dinosaurs and so her something blue was this tiny blue stegosaurus. At least I think it's a stegosaurus =)

Next up we have the beautiful Ashley. Ashley's wedding hair was a process in both style and color. Ashley had been a blonde for most of her hair color history, and was quite blonde when she met her fiance. About a year and a half before her wedding we had actually given her an ombre look with her base being a level 4 - which she is naturally. Once we started talking about wedding hair though, we decided it would be be better to work her back to a more natural looking blonde. While she loved the ombre and the ease of the maintenance - because she's naturally so dark - we both thought it was best to not have something quite so trendy for wedding hair. You never want to look back and your wedding pictures and say "oh, that was so 2012." =) Since we had a few months to work on her color, we gradually transitioned her back to blonde through heavy highlighting. You will see the transition from engagement photos to wedding pictures below. As for style, Ashley wanted loose, slightly messy waves, but also pulled back from her face. 

This is a shot from Ashley's engagement portraits - you can see how dark her ombre was.

Pardon the terrible lighting in my kitchen - this was something we tried during a trial run. Initially we were going for sort of a braided headband, but I think this look was maybe a little too Renaissance Festival =) We ended up doing something a little different for the wedding. You can also see in this picture how we had already started lightening her hair color a bit. 

Here she is day of! We opted for a simple twist back with a small spray of wax flowers. At this point we had her back to a youthful, natural looking blonde. We highlighted through almost all of the dark permanent color, and lifted her base with a color wash. We used a wand to create her waves and used lots of Bumble and Bumble Texture cream and it stayed all night through dancing and sparklers.

My favorite shot of the adorable couple.

She looked so beautiful. Perfect look for a breezy, romantic wedding in the country.

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