Thursday, July 11, 2013

Corrective Color with Balayage Highlights - Charlotte, NC

So I've been bad about blogging lately, but I have some pictures from a while back that I wanted to share. These pictures are of a corrective color I did on one of my regular clients. Before, I get into the process that we went through, I want to issue a disclaimer: corrective color is not one of my favorite things to do and most people are not a candidate for a corrective process that is this drastic. Corrective color can be very damaging to your hair and in almost all cases there will be something unexpected that comes up. If you are looking to get corrective color, expect to go through a transitional phase. If you are reversing years of color you could spend the whole day in the salon or go through several appointments to reach your desired goal.

With this client her desired goal was to go from a very dark brown to a natural looking blonde with bright blonde highlights. Keep in mind that we have been putting dark, permanent color on her hair for almost two years now. We had to go through a stripping process to remove the color from her hair and then re-color and highlight. From start to finish it took about 8 hours over 2 days. I'm sure she was tired of sitting in my chair by the time we were done, but now she has great balayage highlights. Please email me to schedule a consultation at my salon in Denver CO.

before balayage highlights


after balayage highlights

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