Monday, May 13, 2013

From Ombre to Natural Looking Balayage Highlights - Charlotte, NC

Here is one of my clients from last week who was looking to transition away from the ombre look. Don't get me wrong, the ombre look is still having its day in the sun, but a drastic fading is not for everyone. This particular client had been getting foil highlights for a long time and was looking for something less maintenance and more natural looking, but was given a look that was more dramatic than what she had in mind. Her ultimate goal was to remain blonde, but look more natural and have less upkeep.

This was my first time seeing her, and we were both very happy with the results. She liked the lightness on her ends and just wanted to blend her highlights into that. I painted in a full head of highlights and glossed her with an iridescent level 9.  Now she has a more natural looking color and is looking at maintenance about every 12 weeks.

Jesse trimmed up her layers to give her a style that she can let air dry, or easily blow out herself.