Thursday, March 28, 2013

Before and After Balayage Highlights from Charlotte, NC

Here are some before and after pictures of one of my clients who had completely virgin hair. She wanted a sun-kissed look. Something reminiscent of being a kid and spending the whole summer with your hair lightened by the sun. And since most of us don't have the luxury to spend that much time outside playing, we have found ways to create this look in the salon.

For her hair I balayaged highlights with lightener 20 volume in the back and 30 volume around the face. We let it process for about 30 minutes, and we were good to go. When you balayage on virgin hair you can often achieve the desired shade without toning. Because the lightener is exposed to the air, it will lift to about the same tonal value as it would in the sun - as long as it's not left on too long. The result  is natural looking, sun-kissed highlights.



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