Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Balayage Blonde Bob from Charlotte NC

Just wanted to post some pictures of one of my clients from yesterday and her awesome blond hair. She already had the rockin' haircut and some soft blonde highlights that we had been softly painting in, but yesterday we decided to turn up the volume a bit. She said she wanted to look like she just got back from Bermuda, so we definitely needed MORE BLONDE! I still went in and painted the highlights, but I started in the front and painted pretty heavily, especially through the fringe. Then I moved to the back and still painted some pretty thick pieces, but left a little bit more depth underneath. In 20 minutes her color was good-to-go. No toner or gloss, just condition and blow out. See how well the color shows off the cut? I took these pictures with my phone so the lighting is not ideal, but you get the idea.

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