Friday, March 1, 2013

From Charlotte, NC - My thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence's New Hair: From Balayage Blonde to Dark-Brown!

Just days after we saw a beautiful, blonde Jennifer Lawrence stumble up the steps to receive her best actress Oscar, we see her stepping out with dark chocolate locks. I know she's doing it for a movie roll, but that's a pretty drastic change. It's fun to change your hair, and sometimes things in life happen that just beg for a crazy physical change. She is a beautiful girl and is still a stunner no matter what her hair color.

That being said - most of us don't get paid millions to make drastic changes to our hair color. It is not easy or cost effective to go back and forth from blonde to brunette (not to mention the damage to your hair). So before you take the plunge, consider some baby steps or even trying on some wigs to see if you can adjust to looking in the mirror and seeing a different person. Just some food for thought. =)


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