Thursday, October 17, 2013

Gray Blending: A More Natural Approach - Charlotte, NC

I haven't done many posts on gray blending, but covering gray is certainly the bread and butter of the color business. There are so many ways to do it and it's important to explore the best option for your hair, budget, and schedule. While some may take their gray palette as a chance to explore new color options, most are looking for something that is going to be the least noticeable as it grows out. This is always easier for people who don't have a lot of dark natural color left in their hair and want to be blonde. Through highlights and lowlights you can add varying tones and levels of blonde to help blend the gray without entirely eliminating it. This makes the outgrowth softer, as you do not experience a solid line of demarcation. You can see this in the pictures below.

This is a first time client who had previously had an all over blonde color. She had some highlights done after the all over color had grown out a bit, but the flatness of the over all color had made her outgrowth fairly noticeable. And even though the all over color was not a bad shade, because it lay in stark contrast to her in-coming gray, it made it look a bit yellow. Doing an all over blonde for someone who wants to completely color their gray is fine, but the upkeep should be done no later than 6 weeks. With this client we were looking for something softer, and she was ok with seeing some of her gray. We did a full head of highlights with three different levels of blonde to blend out her root. Now she has more dimension and we slightly neutralized her palette so it will be more similar in tone to her outgrowth.

I know it doesn't look like a huge difference, but it's going to make a big difference in how natural it looks.



Friday, October 4, 2013

Cameron Diaz's Haircolor in The Counselor - Charlotte, NC

I keep seeing posters and trailers for the new movie The Counselor, and I am a little obsessed with Cameron Diaz's cut and color. It's bold, asymmetrical, disconnected, and totally kick-ass. I love the dark roots in contrast with the blonde, especially the short, dark, disconnected face framing. Usually the hair in that sideburn area is so fine anyway - why not cut it short?  It gives the haircut a really edgy and defined look. I think we might start seeing more of this soon!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dyeing to be Red for Fall - Charlotte, NC

Lately I've had a lot of requests for richer, warmer colors for Fall, and a few have wanted to take the plunge for a rich red. If you are going to go red, Fall and Winter are the perfect time to do it. Reds are notoriously bad about fading, so the less time you are in the sun and the salt water, the longer your beautiful, rich color will last. Below are some pictures of two clients who opted for some darker red shades. For their color, and any reds or rich brunettes, I recommend Bumble & Bumble Color Minded shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo is sulfate free and super gentle on color treated hair, but it lathers very well so you still get nice clean hair. The conditioner is moisturizing, but lightweight enough to keep your hair from feeling weighed down.

I apologize for the quality of these pictures, red is difficult to capture without the right lighting and we probably should have just stepped outside to take these.

Jordan ~ Before

Jordan ~ After
(Haircut by Jesse)

Tonya ~ Before

Tonya ~ After
(Haircut by Michelle) 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Golden Blonde Ombre with Balayage - Charlotte, NC

Here are some pictures of the always beautiful Celeste. You may remember her from a few posts back; we took her from ashy/neutral blonde highlights to a golden blonde ombre. Follow this link for the original post.

Anyway, lucky Celeste has spent some time in California and in the sun and her color was starting to fade a out a little. Not to mention that when you color over old blonde highlights like we had previously done, it takes a few times to really get the color to "stick." We added a little more warmth to the base color and brightened up the ends a bit. Here are some before and after pictures of when she came in the other day.



Red Hair Color - Charlotte, NC

Here are some more pictures of one of my favorite red heads - she loves the really vibrant colors! We had been going for more of a copper hue, but this last time we switched it up and opted for intense red with some violet pieces.



Corrective Color with Balayage Highlights - Charlotte, NC

So I've been bad about blogging lately, but I have some pictures from a while back that I wanted to share. These pictures are of a corrective color I did on one of my regular clients. Before, I get into the process that we went through, I want to issue a disclaimer: corrective color is not one of my favorite things to do and most people are not a candidate for a corrective process that is this drastic. Corrective color can be very damaging to your hair and in almost all cases there will be something unexpected that comes up. If you are looking to get corrective color, expect to go through a transitional phase. If you are reversing years of color you could spend the whole day in the salon or go through several appointments to reach your desired goal.

With this client her desired goal was to go from a very dark brown to a natural looking blonde with bright blonde highlights. Keep in mind that we have been putting dark, permanent color on her hair for almost two years now. We had to go through a stripping process to remove the color from her hair and then re-color and highlight. From start to finish it took about 8 hours over 2 days. I'm sure she was tired of sitting in my chair by the time we were done, but now she has great balayage highlights. Please email me to schedule a consultation at my salon in Denver CO.

before balayage highlights


after balayage highlights

Monday, May 13, 2013

From Ombre to Natural Looking Balayage Highlights - Charlotte, NC

Here is one of my clients from last week who was looking to transition away from the ombre look. Don't get me wrong, the ombre look is still having its day in the sun, but a drastic fading is not for everyone. This particular client had been getting foil highlights for a long time and was looking for something less maintenance and more natural looking, but was given a look that was more dramatic than what she had in mind. Her ultimate goal was to remain blonde, but look more natural and have less upkeep.

This was my first time seeing her, and we were both very happy with the results. She liked the lightness on her ends and just wanted to blend her highlights into that. I painted in a full head of highlights and glossed her with an iridescent level 9.  Now she has a more natural looking color and is looking at maintenance about every 12 weeks.

Jesse trimmed up her layers to give her a style that she can let air dry, or easily blow out herself.



Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fixing Box Color and Making it Ombre - Charlotte, NC

Here are some before and after pictures of a client I had a few weeks ago. She had been coloring her hair at home with box color, but she did not like how flat her color looked or the line of demarcation that she was getting as it grew out. She liked the idea of doing an ombre look, but also wanted to see dimension and make the grow-out process easier.

I did a balayage technique and painted in highlights and lowlights to create a soft, wearable look that will grow out well for her.




Transitioning from Dark Haircolor to Light with Balayage Highlights

I wanted to share with you some pictures of one of my clients who is in the process of transitioning from dark to light. Her hair is naturally very dark - almost black. Her goal is to have a soft brunette base, with lighter honey highlights and a few pops of golden blonde - similar to what we are seeing on Jennifer Lopez. We are going to achieve this goal over a few different appointments. Doing this gives her hair some time to rest between processing.

Last week was the first time we colored it, and we went through two different steps. As you can see in the before pictures, she had some highlights that had a bit of a red-violet cast to them, and with her natural being so dark, we wouldn't be able to achieve her desired result without lightening her all over. First we went in with permanent color all over to lighten her base and even out the tones in her hair. Then we painted in some heavy highlights to add soft dimension and an overall lighter look. In about four weeks time we will go in and highlight heavier to get some more of those golden blond pieces for more contrast.

This is going to be a really fun spring/summer look for her!




Thursday, March 28, 2013

Before and After Balayage Highlights from Charlotte, NC

Here are some before and after pictures of one of my clients who had completely virgin hair. She wanted a sun-kissed look. Something reminiscent of being a kid and spending the whole summer with your hair lightened by the sun. And since most of us don't have the luxury to spend that much time outside playing, we have found ways to create this look in the salon.

For her hair I balayaged highlights with lightener 20 volume in the back and 30 volume around the face. We let it process for about 30 minutes, and we were good to go. When you balayage on virgin hair you can often achieve the desired shade without toning. Because the lightener is exposed to the air, it will lift to about the same tonal value as it would in the sun - as long as it's not left on too long. The result  is natural looking, sun-kissed highlights.



Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Balayage Blonde Bob from Charlotte NC

Just wanted to post some pictures of one of my clients from yesterday and her awesome blond hair. She already had the rockin' haircut and some soft blonde highlights that we had been softly painting in, but yesterday we decided to turn up the volume a bit. She said she wanted to look like she just got back from Bermuda, so we definitely needed MORE BLONDE! I still went in and painted the highlights, but I started in the front and painted pretty heavily, especially through the fringe. Then I moved to the back and still painted some pretty thick pieces, but left a little bit more depth underneath. In 20 minutes her color was good-to-go. No toner or gloss, just condition and blow out. See how well the color shows off the cut? I took these pictures with my phone so the lighting is not ideal, but you get the idea.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Spring Ombre and Balayage Trends? We've Got Them in Charlotte, NC!

So the styles from L'Oreal Professionnel's brand new spring/summer look book have already been seen popping up around the salon in the last month or two. People who were rocking some serious ombre, or some people who hadn't taken the plunge into the more drastic style, have settled on something soft and organic looking for the coming season: Natural Ombre!

By subtly balayaging in some highlights that begin in the mid-shaft and get bolder towards the ends, we can achieve this beautiful and yet natural look.  This look invokes that youthful, playful touch that suggests you may have wintered in Bali basking in the sun all day instead what turned out to be a pretty grey winter here in the south east.

So what do you say? This look is a piece of cake to grow out, requires little maintenance, it's fun and beautiful, and as you can see from the pictures, works on many different lengths and natural colors. I especially love the short look at the bottom because it is such a fun way to play with your color if you're trying to grow your hair out.  Come give it a shot!

Friday, March 1, 2013

From Charlotte, NC - My thoughts on Jennifer Lawrence's New Hair: From Balayage Blonde to Dark-Brown!

Just days after we saw a beautiful, blonde Jennifer Lawrence stumble up the steps to receive her best actress Oscar, we see her stepping out with dark chocolate locks. I know she's doing it for a movie roll, but that's a pretty drastic change. It's fun to change your hair, and sometimes things in life happen that just beg for a crazy physical change. She is a beautiful girl and is still a stunner no matter what her hair color.

That being said - most of us don't get paid millions to make drastic changes to our hair color. It is not easy or cost effective to go back and forth from blonde to brunette (not to mention the damage to your hair). So before you take the plunge, consider some baby steps or even trying on some wigs to see if you can adjust to looking in the mirror and seeing a different person. Just some food for thought. =)


Thursday, February 7, 2013

From Highlighted Blonde to Ombre Hair

Quite often I have clients who want to transition from being an every-six-week highlight with foils to an ombre look. I have always found it easier to take someone who is already dark to ombre, but this past week I tried doing something a little different and I was very excited about the results. 

Usually the challenge I find with this type of transformation is  that blonde hair isn't always so keen to hold on to color - especially when you're not pre-coloring. This doesn't mean the result isn't achieved, but rather that it's not quite what I'm looking for until the hair has been colored more than once. I've tried foiling heavy low-lights through the top, but usually that is still not dark enough. I've also tried completely coloring every hair on top, which works with a really shaggy layered cut, but not so much with long layers or one-length cuts.  So this time I applied root color throughout and then pulled the darker color down to various lengths and then applied my lightener on the ends right over my base color. It was a one-step process with no toner and we were both really happy with the results.

The beautiful woman in these pictures is Celeste, one of our Medspa's amazing injectors. Doesn't she look so much brighter with all that golden blonde?
after (shade)
after (sunlight)