Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is the ombre look over? What do you see for fall?

So the last couple of months have been insane - between being busy with work, traveling, and taking care of the two 50lbs puppies I adopted, my blog has been neglected for sure. I just realized today that someone posed a question to me back in March asking "is the ombre look over?"

While some hairdressers may disagree with me, I definitely have to say no.  It's the number one technique that I get requests for from new clients.  Some times it takes a while to take the plunge and go for a "trendy look." Most people start off subtle and then come back in deciding that they want to make the look more drastic - which is great - better safe than sorry.

But just because we might see more of our friends with ends fading out to blonde, doesn't mean that is what we're going to be seeing in fall collections or on our favorite celebs. I'm sure we'll definitely be seeing some changes over the next few months. What I can tell you is this: you can still maintain your ombre look and change it up a bit. I've had two clients - who have had a fairly drastic ombre look through the summer - mix it up this past week. With one girl we pulled big pieces of super shiny dark golden blonde through her light blonde ends. It made her color look richer, glossy, and healthier. During the summer we all may want that "been at the beach for three months" look, but when we start spending more time indoors it's nice to have some golden sunshine in your hair. - So transition from white blonde to lush golden hair.

With the other client we did a little bit more of a drastic change. We took some of the blond pieces on the ends to a rich burgundy and made the rest of it a shiny, chocolate brown. If you're ends are blonde there are so many options for changing it up.

What I'd like to see this fall is a return to HEALTHY hair. Whatever your fall preference is - make it silky and beautiful. Get conditioning treatments. If you love ombre because you don't have to get your color done but 2 to 3 times a year, at least go in for a gloss and a trim. Your ends will thank you for it, your color will last longer, and your hair will look and feel better! Pixie short or hippie long, a woman's hair is one of her greatest accessories. Flaunt it!

Tell me what you think the fall trends will be or what you would like to see!


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