Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Before and After Ombre Hair

Hey everyone! So this is my friend Ashley.  Ashley, who is a natural brunette, had been getting partial blonde highlights for quite a while. The blonde had been fun, but it was starting  to become a lot of maintenance for her because her natural color was so dark. Also, as you can see in the before pictures, because she was only getting a partial highlight her ends were looking a lot darker than the rest of her hair because the underneath wasn't getting colored. So ultimately we wanted to be able to give Ashley some blonde highlights like she wanted, but we wanted to create a more natural looking result that would be easier for her to grow out. We decided to go with a soft ombre look. Essentially we "flipped" the look she had by taking her darker on top and heavily highlighting the underneath. As you can see the darker color near her face helps to warm her skin up, but she still has some bright blonde highlights, but with a lot more dimension. This look will be something she can expect to maintain every 3 months vs. every 6 weeks.