Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Feather Extensions

You asked for them and now we've got them: feather extensions!! These are really popular right now. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about them, but I've had them in for two weeks now and I love them. You can brush through them, blowdry them, curl them... and they still maintain their shape and color. They come in all sizes and colors and it only takes a few minutes to put them in. Great for teenagers who want a fun pop color - no permanent changes to the hair and just as easy to take out as they are to put in!

Free Balayage Highlights

Follow my blog and be entered to win a free face-framing highlight with deep conditioning treatment at the fabulous Re Salon and Medspa!! This service will begin with a color consultation to determine the best color for your skin tone and your desired upkeep. After color you will receive a deep conditioning mask at the shampoo bowl with a steam towel wrap and scalp massage. All this will be followed by a silky-smooth blowout! The winner will be chosen at random from all my blog's followers on July 31st. Don't miss this opportunity to check us out for free!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Easy Summer Updos With the Spin Pin

So I don't know why I haven't seen this tiny contraption before, but I saw someone at the pool this weekend with it and it's awesome! It's called the Spin Pin and it's made by Goody. I think they normally run about $6 at the drug store. It's about the easiest way I've seen to quickly throw your hair up in a bun or loose chignon and still have a secure hair style. So awesome for quickly throwing your hair up if you've been at the pool or the beach. I've posted a tutorial video below that shows you how it works. It's a tad lengthy, but you can skip through it. Have fun!

Some Serious Balayage/Ombre Hair Color

Lately I've been doing so much balayage. The word about how hot this trend is has really started to make its way around Charlotte. Most of the color I've been doing has been on the softer side, but I wanted to post these two pictures of some more extreme blayage/ombre looks.

This first picture is of actress Katherine Moennig and is a little bit softer, but still shows a drastic level change from her dark roots to the golden blonde tips. This is a fun style for a brunette that wants to try some fun color but isn't ready to make a huge commitment.

This second picture of Drew Barrymore is a LOT more drastic, but I still love it. Despite the huge contrast, the colors are beautiful and it's a fun way to have two extremes.

Drew Barrymore e o estilo "Ombré Hair" - Cabelos - MdeMulher - Editora...

Drew Barrymore e o estilo "Ombré Hair" - Cabelos - MdeMulher - Editora... (clipped to Polyvore.com)